They are a bridge between the University and The Union, and make sure the standard of education remains high. "Many of our employees carry out difficult tasks, sometimes in potentially hazardous conditions. Existing reps who have not attended training before are also encouraged to attend. Reps. Membership is free to all reps from TUC-affiliated unions, and allows you access to: UNION REPS bulletin boards - discuss tips, techniques, or problems with other users. For example, the International Brotherhood of Teamsters has union representative positions such as international vice presidents, field representatives, directors and election project coordinators. HSR training is not intended to train HSRs to be health and safety professionals or to fulfil an employer's obligations in relation to OHS. Their job is to work closely with the Union’s Vice-President (Education) to identify any student issues or needs and represent the student voice at the highest meetings at the University. This two hour session is designed to help you perform your duties of representing your peers of all backgrounds and upholding SOAS values of equality and diversity, It provides an overview of the current debates in the area of diversity and inclusion, along with the basic introduction to the equality legislation. Training open to all committee members of Strath Union Clubs and Societies covering everything you need to know about running your club or society. Union learning representatives are entitled to reasonable paid time off for training and for carrying out their duties as set out above. This is the official bit and is needed to get your paid time-off; Complete the course application form (see Resources, below) send it back to your branch. More Information. The other training modules do not have to be completed in any particular order. Advanced training for senior representatives This training programme is designed for senior trade union representatives. Union members are entitled to unpaid time off to consult their learning representative, as long as they belong to a bargaining unit for which the union is recognised. Background information. Training courses for BECTU union reps All face to face representative training is currently suspended until further notice. Please look below to see what each module contains. The BDA Trade Union Representative looks after the interests of BDA Members in the workplace with a variety of BDA member issues in respect of their employment and terms and conditions of employment. With Dom Jackson-Cole. However, if you have been told by your employer that you won't receive paid release, you must raise the issue with your regional officer before you attend the course. It is essential that Workplace Representatives encourage all new teacher members of staff, newly qualified teachers and student teachers on their work based placements to join the Union. Course Reps are students who volunteer to represent other students. The Students’ Union offers full training to all Course Reps both new and returning. The core programme is run at the union's head office in Clapham but we can also run courses around the country where there is sufficient demand and local reps request them. Whether in a school, college or elsewhere in the education service, the role of the workplace representative (rep) is a vital one for the National Education Union. Who can study the Health and Safety Representative course? We remain committed to supporting you throughout your career whether you are a teacher, member of support staff, lecturer or hold a leadership role. The National Education Union has its members' learning and development at the core of its work. ... Staff Representatives. It’s the first stage course for union reps and is aimed at newly elected/appointed reps. Delivered by FDA National Officers with a wealth of experience representing individuals from across public service, these one-day courses provide the opportunity to develop your skills and knowledge, and to network with fellow union members. Health and safety reps NEU health and safety representatives play a vital role in promoting safety in the workplace by representing members and employees’ interests on health and safety issues. If you would like to express an interest in participating in our online, representative training , please email indicating which course, your branch and membership number and ensure that your organiser/negotiating official has authorised your application . Although the course is designed for HSRs, managers, supervisors, health and safety committee members and anyone with an interest in health and safety could also benefit from attending an HSR training course. The Union of Students are responsible for the academic representation structure at the University. Please ask us about this. A tailored online delivery of Union Representative Training Part 1 and 2 and Freelancer (Reps 1) Training are available and are extremely popular. Trade Union Rep Training 9 Sept 2020, 6 PM – 8 PM. Students just like you elect over 500 Programme and College Reps each year to represent you. This includes areas such as compulsory rep training, personal development opportunities and other training offered by the University. Research shows that learning reps can have a significant impact in helping to create a culture of workplace learning. In order to carry out the duties required as an Accord Rep, you must attend at least module one of the union’s training programme. Become an RCN rep Reps are vital links between the RCN and our members. Workplace Representatives are very often the first contact that members and the teaching workforce in the school have with the NASUWT. Learning can help build the union's organisation - it can encourage members to take on a role in the union. ADC 2020 Motions; ADC 2019. QTEC conducts training afternoons for new reps and experienced union representatives. We, as a Union, want to stay aware of what’s happening all across UCL and our Academic Reps help us do this. This training is mandatory for new Course Reps or returning Course Reps who have not previously attended Students’ Union Course Rep Training. The course will cover all aspects of your role as a rep including your rights as a rep, union democracy, recruitment and communication. To become a ULR there are two steps: Contact your branch to get yourself ‘nominated’. Trade Union Representatives Training. This training helps to ensure you are fully equipped and can effectively carry out your role. Union representation in leadership refers to the upper ranks of a union local, the union's district or council office or the national office of a labor union. UNION REPS directory - all the key online resources in one place. Read more You should complete this course prior to applying for Rep 2: The idea of a 'learning representative' was first promoted by the TUC in the late 1990s. The INTO staff rep is an invaluable role within INTO structures. The BDA Trade Union Representatives Training Programme is a 4 day programme of learning which is structured to develop all of the basic knowledge and skills a BDA trade Union representative will need. The main core programme 2020. The programme is delivered by TUC tutors and is accredited. Notification of Election/Re-election; Notification of Resignation as Representative; Health & safety reps; Union learning reps; Reps Training; Education and awards; Find your rep; LRD publications online; Social network guidance; Useful resources for reps; Annual Delegates Conference. Why learning reps? Being a rep. If you have what it takes to become an RCN steward, safety representative or learning representative, we will support you and give you the tools to succeed. The Union supports reps to do their job well through training, resources, and communication. It recognises the challenges facing UK organisations today, and the important role representatives have in supporting employers to meet these challenges whilst mitigating any detrimental impact on employees. Training lasts around 1 and half hours. Our reps training is designed to give you all the resources you need to help both your union and your fellow members. Workshops are designed primarily for full-time elected union officers and appointed staff, including business agents, staff managers, council representatives, organizers, grievance reps, researchers, safety and health trainers, communications/public relations staff, attorneys, financial managers, and health and welfare benefit fund trustees. Time off for union training (guide for reps) Time off for trade union duties and activities . Trade Union Training. Wed 03 Mar 14:00 2 hrs A trade union representative (‘rep’) is a union member who represents and gives advice to colleagues when they have problems at work. The aim of the training is to give you an introduction to the role of a Course Rep so that you can attend Student-Staff (or Student Voice) Committee meetings with confidence and complete the role effectively. Union Learning Rep (ULR) Training. We are here to help you with training and information briefings. Rep Training Courses. The union is now offering Reps 1 and Reps 2 training on line using zoom. ADC 2020. To be notified of such supports, please ensure you are identified as a rep on our members’ portal. Employment legislation entitles you to payment of wages etc for training you undertake that is connected with your trade union duties (negotiating, representing people etc.) Rep Training Hub This is the dedicated page for Coventry University London student representatives to find out about training and development opportunities for them. They are the RCN's ambassadors in the workplace, helping to influence policies, assist members and shape our profession. If you would like to express an interest in participating in our online, representative training , please email indicating which course, your branch and membership number and ensure that your organiser/negotiating official has authorised your application . Union Reps (Advanced) This popular training session is open to Union Reps who have previously completed an introductory course and for reps who wish to update their skills and awareness of current union … If you're a Course Rep, click below to give us your feedback so that we can be sure … However, if you are an experienced rep looking for a refresher, or you want to learn about the roles and responsibilities of a workplace representative, this course is for you. Diversity Inclusion Complicit Bias. This online course is designed to be equivalent to the TUC’s Union Reps Stage 1 classroom course. The course is suitable for new and existing trade union representatives, safety committee members, and is particularly popular with public sector workers. UVW is running a 2 part trade union rep training course taking place from 6pm-8pm on Wed 9th Sept for part 1 & Wed 16th Sept for part 2. UNION REPS newsletter - email news for reps, produced with Labour Research Department. Training for NASUWT Reps The NASUWT is committed to ensuring that if you take on a role as a representative in your scholol/workplace you will be given access to appropriate training in order to undertake your role as an activist confidently and successfully. You will also join a network of Academic Reps who you can share practice and ideas with. Information on the various rep roles and the legislation, agreements and practice that empower the rep. UCU has produced a reps handbook to help reps perform their vital role in the workplace The handbook brings together information on the role of the rep, their duties and draws upon many our existing resources for reps, along with materials from our training programme. The union is now offering Reps 1 and Reps 2 training on line using zoom. All our BDA TU reps are also trained and carry out the role of Health & Safety Representatives. Course Rep face to face training occurs in Semester one and two, with multiple date and times options.